LED Switching

What will we do

In this lesson we will learn how to switch two LED’s on and off one at a time. It will work in the following sequence

  • Turn Red LED ON

  • Wait for 1 second

  • Turn Red LED OFF and Yellow LED ON

  • Wait for 1 second

Run the above code for 8 times.

Parts List

You will need the following parts:

  • 1x arduino uno

  • 1x arduino USB Cable

  • 1x Breadboard

  • 3x Jumper Wire

  • 2x LED (RED and Yellow)

  • 2x Resistor

Wiring it up

Ensure that the LED are the right way around, with the longer positive leads (anodes) to the left.

mBlock IDE

Launch the mBlock IDE (https://ide.mblock.cc/#/) and select the Arduino Uno Device and install the Kids Code Extension ****

Block Coding

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