Arduino SA
Blinking an LED

What will we do

Lets start by making our LED blink on and off. The way to make an LED blink is to follow this sequence of code instructions over and over again:
    Turn the LED on
    Delay for a period of time
    Turn the LED off
    Delay for a period of time

Parts List

You will need the following parts:
    1x arduino uno
    1x arduino USB Cable
    1x Breadboard
    2x Jumper Wire
    1x LED
    1x Resistor

Wiring it up

This example we use a red LED but you can use any colour LED you prefer.
Ensure that the LED are the right way around, with the longer positive leads (anodes) to the left.

mBlock IDE

Launch the mBlock IDE ( and select the Arduino Uno Device.

Install the KidsCode Extension

Click on the Extensions button
Search for Kids Code on the extension popup and Add the Kids Code extension
You will see the Kids Code blocks at the bottom.

Block Coding

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